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We would love to be a part of your next event! We have had the pleasure of serving all kinds of events including weddings, corporate parties, corporate gifts, showers, and family gatherings. Our popcorn will be a one-of-a-kind dessert, late-night snack option, or a delicious thank-you gift.

Below are some photo examples of these different events, and more information about what we can do for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer all of your products for events?

Yes! All of our popcorn, pepita, and any other product we offer is available for events and gifting. We have developed 15 uniquely flavored popcorn flavors and each are available in our regular, snack, and bulk option. They include:

Movie Theater
Kettle Corn
Caramel Cheddar
Jalapeño Cheddar
Dill Pickle
Everything Bagel
Birthday Cake
Cookies & Cream
Cinnamon Roll
Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Michigan Blueberry
Dark Chocolate Raspberry
Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt

We are always working to develop new flavors, so reach out to us for the most up-to-date list, or check out our popcorn page here on the website!

What size bag is available for events?

We offer our Regular Bag size (holds 3.5oz-10oz of popcorn depending on flavor), our Small Bag size (holds 1.5oz-5oz of popcorn depending on flavor), and Bulk bags, which hold 9 regular bags. Bulk bags are best if you intend to serve your popcorn in jars or cups.

What does pricing look like for events?

We can offer a price break if your order hits over $250. If it is under, your order would be normal retail cost.

Do you offer label customization?

We have the capability to customize your popcorn bag sticker completely! We offer a free consultation to understand the scope of the project and what your vision is for the label. Pricing will be determined on the scope of the project. Sticker pricing can range from $1-$2/sticker depending on quantity. Please include this request in your initial message to us.

Do you offer flavor customization?

We work hard on our flavors to make them taste and look as delicious as possible. Because of this, we do not offer customizations to the popcorn flavors. We can however, adjust the aesthetic of the popcorn. For example, if a wedding theme color is blue, we can use all blue sprinkles on our birthday cake popcorn to coordinate.

As mentioned in the previous drop down, we do offer label customizations. This could include changing the name of the popcorn as well to match your theme or event.

Do you offer to option to add a custom note in the gift boxes?

Yes! We can absolutely include a custom note to be included in your gift boxes. We can print them on Popnotch stationery or include a card you provide to us. Please note this at the time of order so we can make sure enough production time is allowed.

Do you rent equipment or displays for events?

At this time, we do not offer any rental of popcorn equipment or displays. 

Do you have the capability to do a large order?

Yes! We can do any size order as long as adequate time is given. It is best to reach out at least 2 months prior to your event in order to allow for production scheduling, especially if customizations are involved.

What is the lead time for my event order?

Lead times vary based on quantity, delivery, and customizations. It is best to reach out at least 2 months prior to your event in order to allow for production scheduling, especially if customizations are involved.

How do I contact Popnotch Goods to start the conversation?

If you are interested in price please reach out to

In your message, please include:
Which flavor(s) you are interested in
Desired bag size
How many bags you will need or how many people to feed/snack (for bulk popcorn)
Where your event is located
Any customizations you want to do (note cards, labels, etc.)

Contact us about your event!