The Popnotch Story

The Popnotch Goods concept started in a small farm town in Illinois. A small, old church building was renovated into a gourmet popcorn shop and caught our eye, along with the long line of patrons waiting to buy the delicious popcorn! It was a sight to see. Once a gathering place of worship, and now a gathering place for a delicious treat got me thinking. As people who enjoy spending time with others, always involving food, we got excited about starting a business that would connect the community and provide an experience of what a gourmet popcorn shop is all about! 

The shop layout was designed to connect with the community, while also creating a fun experience. We created an open kitchen concept where you can witness all the steps it takes to make delicious popcorn. You will be able to watch the popping, coating, caramelizing, chocolate drizzling and engage with those making it. Popcorn may be the star of the show, but we wanted to incorporate more snack-like items. Popnotch Goods also has a rotating selection of 8 scooped ice cream flavors and a fun new product to Wealthy Street: Pepita Seeds (pumpkins seeds) grown in Mexico and seasoned with delicious and unique flavors! 

Our goal is to create an inviting environment where the community can gather, enjoy each other along with fun snacks, and experience the inner workings of a gourmet popcorn shop.

- Patrick & Paige Avila